As one of the fundamental liberal arts disciplines, mathematics is an essential area of inquiry for any educated citizen. By empowering students with the skills of logical and analytical thinking, creative problem solving, and quantitative reasoning, the study of mathematics is a cornerstone in a liberal arts education. Furthermore, the history, applications, and aesthetics of mathematics cement its place in our shared cultural heritage. For these reasons, the mission of the Department of Mathematics is to create and provide meaningful intellectual pursuits for students of the university with the aforementioned ideas in mind. To this end, the Department strives for excellence in teaching and strives for academic and extracurricular activities that arouse students’ natural curiosity, provide them an intellectually challenging environment, and foster their academic growth.

The Department of Mathematics serves the mathematical needs of the entire university community. The Department offers a broad range of courses designed to prepare students for careers or advanced study for those pursuing degrees in mathematics, engineering, or mathematics education. The Department offers a curriculum that meets the special needs of students studying mathematics as part of the general requirements of a broad-based liberal arts education, and students whose majors incorporate a significant mathematical component, e.g. in the physical sciences, economics, and education.

Lastly, the Department of Mathematics provides an atmosphere for its faculty that encourages excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service because the dedication, enthusiasm, and support of its faculty are all necessary for the Department to thrive and achieve the goals stated above.

Georgia College is known for combining the educational experience of private liberal arts colleges with the affordability of public universities. The university’s main campus is a residential learning community focused on undergraduate education and a select number of graduate programs. Faculty and staff are dedicated to engaging students through high impact pedagogies that foster intellectual curiosity, reasoned inquiry, and critical thinking. We strive for excellence in the classroom and beyond. We nurture collaborative leadership and global citizenship. We value reason, respect and responsibility.

Georgia College seeks faculty and administrators who understand and embrace our public liberal arts mission and are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through teaching, scholarship and service. All Georgia College faculty share the responsibility of teaching our core curriculum and providing foundation courses for majors and non majors alike. To carry out our public liberal arts mission, we seek faculty with the desire and ability to engage students as they launch their intellectual journey.

Georgia College is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative-Action Institution committed to cultural, racial, and multi-ethnic communities and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is expected that successful candidates share in this commitment.

Primary Purpose:

The primary purpose of this position is to teach courses, engage in scholarship and professional development, and provide service to the institution. Successful candidates will be able to work collegially and effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds. In keeping with the University’s mission, we especially encourage applicants who will further our goal of cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity.