Titled as “Research Assistant Professor” for the Freshman Research Immersion (FRI) program. Full-time positions for a three-year duration. Must have PhD before starting. FRI is a highly successful program in which a Research Educator (RE) guides freshmen and sophomores in innovative research. The RE shapes the research theme. Position entails teaching large numbers of college students (~30 per cohort) how to conduct authentic research and, in doing so, helps students develop the professional skills desired by graduate schools and employers. In sum, FRI provides an excellent training program for new PhDs and, thus, is an exceptional postdoctoral transition that positions Research Assistant Professors for a wider array of future STEM positions (from full range of higher education institutions to STEM education research). Five positions with start in August 2018:

The positions are formally advertised at Binghamton University’s Interview Exchange at the links above.

Information about the FRI program and the faculty teams for these research streams: http://binghamton.edu/freshman-research-immersion/streams/current-research-streams/index.html

Application materials required: Cover letter, curriculum vitae, philosophy of teaching science research, and contact information for three references. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until positions are filled.

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