The Chemistry Department Laboratory Manager position is an important member of the Department of Chemistry and Physics. This person is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the Chemistry teaching laboratories, including instrumentation, and supervises the Chemistry Student Work Crew (8–15 students). This position also provides administrative support to the Department of Chemistry and Physics, including managing departmental budgets, purchasing, and the Chemistry Placement Test.


Maintain safe laboratory environments

  • Train all students using department resources in safe laboratory practices.
  • Anticipate and address laboratory experiments or situations posing any significant health risks.
  • Research and implement new laboratory experiments to minimize safety risks and environmental impacts.
  • Ensure that departmental chemicals are safely and securely stored.
  • Help to assure compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations regarding laboratory chemicals including updating and overseeing the Chemical Hygiene Plan.
  • Assist in the disposal of hazardous chemical waste.
  • Conduct regular safety inspections of all Chemistry areas.

Work closely with the Biology/Environmental Studies Department and Greenhouse Manager to provide administrative support for the Natural Science Division.

  • Serve as building manager for Witherspoon Science building, with oversight for full building functionality through coordination with plumbing, heating, computer and electrical staff and/or outside service personnel.
  • Provide support for students during their capstone research, and coordinate the use of student research space.

Maintain instrumentation and equipment in Chemistry Laboratories

  • Maintenance and upkeep of equipment used in General Chemistry laboratories (mass balances, pH meters, conductivity probes, etc.)
  • Conduct maintenance and troubleshoot minor repair work of larger instrumentation including HPLCs, Gas Chromatographs, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, ICP-OES, Elemental Analyzer, and IR and UV/VIS spectrophotometers.
  • Assist with installation of new instrumentation.
  • Assist with other maintenance work around the chemistry laboratories.


  • Teach 6 – 8 credits per year of Chemistry courses and/or laboratories.
  • Plan course load with supervisors.
  • Order texts, upload syllabi, and complete other duties typical of classroom instructors.
  • Conduct course evaluations, and include discussion of course evaluation results in self-evaluation.

Crew Supervision

  • Supervise the Chemistry Crew student workers.
  • Foster a positive working environment.
  • Foster a collaborative environment with the Biology/ENS crew.
  • Oversee student leaders of the SLAM program at Owen Middle School.
  • Delegate and manage tasks including Morse/Witherspoon building cleaning and maintenance, assistance in courses and laboratories, and departmental events.
  • Update and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for training the crew.

Administrative Support

  • Provide administrative support for the Department of Chemistry and Physics and faculty.
  • Administer departmental ordering and budgeting.
  • Oversee the department’s chemical inventory.
  • Coordinate the administration of chemistry placement exam, compile results of placement exam, and maintain placement exam records.
  • Assist in data collection and analysis for departmental assessment.
  • Assist with special projects related to departmental business as requested by the Chair.


  • Master’s degree in Chemistry or related field, plus at least 2 years of relevant experience highly desired. Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, plus minimum of 5 years experience with outstanding record, considered.
  • Supervisory experience is highly desirable. Ability to supervise a student work crew and create a positive work environment and a vibrant team spirit. This includes the ability to deal with adolescent behavior with firmness and equanimity.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds.
  • Experience in the basics of instrument repair, including some working knowledge of electronics.
  • Some familiarity with OSHA and EPA regulations regarding laboratories.
  • A working knowledge of chemical laboratory procedures including waste disposal.
  • Computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and data acquisitions.
  • Commitment to diversity equity and inclusion.

Apply online at: https://warren-wilson.breezy.hr/p/a2d025e63f27-chemistry-lab-manager

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