Under minimal supervision, the instructor is responsible for effectively teaching coursework in mathematics (15 credit hours per semester) within the Mathematics and Science department. Assignments will be in both pre-college level and college level courses. Must evaluate, record, and report student achievement and progress in assigned courses in accordance with department, division and college policies and procedures. Responsibilities will also include advising of current and prospective students and providing assistance in development and implementation of departmental initiatives. Must meet credentialing requirements set by the Iowa Department of Education.


  • Effectively organize, prepare, and teach assigned courses in accordance with established syllabi.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate course syllabi and course handouts for each course taught.
  • Evaluate and record student performance/achievement on a regular basis and provide regular student feedback.
  • Participate in student learning assessment projects.
  • Maintain established office hours and meet with students as necessary.
  • Assist in the process of acquiring and maintaining appropriate materials, equipment, and supplies to support the instructional environment for classroom teaching and student learning in established department courses.
  • Collaborate in the development, assessment, and revision of curriculum.
  • Perform other related work duties as assigned.