Jarvis Christian College is seeking applicants for an Instructor or Assistant Professor of Data Science/Data Analytics. Candidates should have expertise in STEM disciplines, to include but not be limited to areas of Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, and Software Modeling. This underpinning will be used to promote the utilization of emerging technologies and techniques to navigate large datasets that impact all sorts of analyzes related to inquiry-based STEM learning. This position will be responsible for teaching at least 12 credit hours of courses per semester to engage students and improve retention and career readiness in STEM disciplines. The successful candidate will serve as a student mentor and will also supervise student research-based projects. Our program will emphasize advanced analytic skills and data expertise through data handling, manipulation, interpretation, analysis, and validation.


  • A Master’s Degree in Computer Science (or subfield), Computer Information Systems, Statistics, Mathematics, Bioinformatics, or a closely related STEM discipline.
  • At least 18 graduate hours in the discipline or closely related discipline
  • Teaching and research experience in Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Science
  • Experience in driving towards actionable insights through Inquiry-Based Learning and pursuit of novel solutions
  • Extensive background in applying analytical rigor and statistical methods to large data sets
  • Fluency in two or more analytics and statistical software packages including SPSS, SAS, or Tableau
  • Experience with data analysis and extraction using methods such as SQL
  • Experience with data mining, data processing, data analytics, data visualization, data transformation and dissemination
  • Teaching and research experience in Big Data, Data Analytics, and Data Science
  • Experience in driving towards actionable insights through Inquiry-Based Learning and pursuit of novel solutions
  • Ability to understand various data structures and design, implement, and integrate data warehousing solutions
  • Excellent pattern recognition and predictive modeling skills
  • Experience with programming languages such as Java, Python, and R
  • A core focus that will align with the cross-campus instructional goals in computing, statistics, and data science/decision making


  • Assist in recommendation and implementation of operational systems of the institution
  • Facilitate collaboration with industry partners and data analytics expert teams to develop data analytic models of student career advancement
  • Direct and implement Data Science Summer Boot Camp
  • Develop research proposals and grant funded programs
  • Promote interaction between faculty and government stakeholders
  • Contribute to writing of Scientific Articles, Publication in Research Journals
  • Engage in departmental and college-based service activities.

A letter of interest, which includes a list of courses taught and new courses to be implemented; Curriculum Vitae; Unofficial transcript(s) from all graduate coursework; and three (3) letters of recommendation are required for applicants to be considered. Screening of qualified applicants will continue until the position is filled. Electronic submissions are encouraged; please forward your application materials to dsingleton@jarvis.edu, or a completed application packet can be submitted to:

Dr. Daphene O. Singleton, HR Director
Jarvis Christian College
P.O. Box 1470
Hwy. 80 E, PR 7631
Hawkins, Texas 75765

As an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, Jarvis Christian College is committed to diversity in our faculty, staff, and student body.