Posting Number: 0180071

Position Title: IT Operations Support Administrator III (IT Simulation Technology Operator)

Filing Deadline
(All postings close at 4:00 PM): Open Until Filled

Job Type: Classified – Temporary-Exempt

Examples of Duties:

  1. Operate high/low fidelity human simulators for class simulation exercises.
  2. Operate simulation equipment with the ability to follow medical aspects of training scenarios and make appropriate adjustments based on the participant’s actions.
  3. Maintain task trainers, mannequin-based simulators and associated supplies and equipment.
  4. Operate an audio-video recording system.
  5. Set up simulation supplies/equipment to meet assigned training site objectives.
  6. Facilitate simulation training.
  7. Work with faculty/staff to contribute to the development of educationally sound simulation curriculum (scenarios) as needed.
  8. Function as the resource liaison in the field of simulation operations.
  9. Perform related work which may include smart classrooms, acquisition and maintenance of monitors, mechanical and learning technology equipment (EKG, IV, Cardiac monitors, mechanical and learning technology equipment (EKG, IV, Cardiac monitors, electronic charting systems, medical/nursing learning software programs, high and low fidelity simulators, computers, and newer technologies-learning/informational technology).
  10. Install, maintain, and enhance software, hardware, and peripherals of learning/informational technology.
  11. Assist with any other duties that may be needed as determined by the faculty/staff.
  12. To apply, please visit our website at http://apptrkr.com/1203137