Cowley College’s Ark City campus is seeking a full-time Biology Instructor to teach a variety of biological science courses which may include non-major’s biology and organismal biology. This position will commence August 1, 2023.

Required Education and Skills:

  • Master’s degree with 18 graduate credit hours in biology and/or a closely related field with preference given to degrees that emphasize organismal biology
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Evidence of effective teaching experience in biology at the high school and/or collegiate level preferred
  • Technology/computer literacy preferred
  • Experience with assessment of student learning

An instructor’s performance is evaluated by criteria that are consistent with the Cowley College Mission and Vision statement. Cowley`s statement of academic freedom supports the free and open exchange of academic concepts and ideas as part of classroom activities. At the same time, the instructor evaluation process helps ensure that the equally important principle of academic integrity is also followed. With these two principles in mind, instructor teaching performance is measured against the letter and spirit of the mission and vision statement as well as the following expectations.

The instructor teaching criteria are stated in the numbered items. The lettered items are examples of how the requirements will be met, although other items may be added, where appropriate, for individual departments.

Full-time and Part-time Instructor expectations:

Provide appropriate and effective instruction that demonstrates student learning

  • Provide syllabi using approved format and make available to students as directed in Syllabus Procedure.
  • Ensure that each course contains essential curricular components, has appropriate content and maintains effective pedagogy.
  • Evaluate students’ work according to departmental/professional standards, use appropriate subject matter, select appropriate learning materials and instructional methods which may include a variety of assessment measures and techniques to demonstrate a complete picture of student learning (e.g., classroom assessments, oral presentations, exams, portfolios, journals, projects, etc.).
  • Provide appropriate and timely feedback to students regarding their progress.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information.
  • Meet scheduled classes and begin and end class at scheduled time.
  • Keep accurate records of attendance and grades and submit all reports and other requested information promptly and accurately as determined by Academic Affairs.
  • Respect student rights as specified by college policies and procedures and applicable federal and state laws or regulations; create a learning environment that respects equity and diversity.
  • Stay current in the scholarship of specific discipline and teaching methodology and maintain any certifications relevant to field.
  • Participate in professional development activities to stay current in skills and knowledge as they relate to the discipline, teaching and student success.
  • Attend on-campus workshops related to the teaching field or to learning in general when scheduling permits.

Support student engagement inside and outside of class

  • Post and maintain office hours if appropriate or identify acceptable means of communication to students and others.
  • Encourage students to contact you with questions.
  • Provide information about available resources outside of class: Internet, library, or tutoring.
  • Be able to use and explain Internet research materials and other college resources and support services.
  • Be able to use and explain to students how to locate and use reference materials available via electronic means through Cowley’s online library databases.
  • Be able to explain to students how to make contact with college resources such as disability services, financial aid, counseling, and assist when possible in facilitating the development of student study groups.

Support the department and the college

  • If tasked to do so, actively engage in textbook selections and make book recommendations in a timely manner.
  • Actively engage in course schedule requests and respond to course schedule inquiries on time.
  • Participate in department meetings; required for full-time, optional for part-time.
  • Actively support recruitment and retention of students.
  • Exercise good stewardship of college facilities and materials.
  • Advise administration of unsafe conditions, potential hazards and accidents in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of and sensitivity to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability and ethnic backgrounds of Cowley students.

Maintain a collegial relationship with others at the college

  • Respect other members of the college who provide support through administration, clerical, maintenance, library, food service, and other services.
  • Maintain and support an encouraging attitude toward other members of your department and colleagues in other departments, teaching formats or other campuses.
  • Mentor other instructors by sharing information, advice and general instructional support.

Demonstrate knowledge of basic computer operations

  • Be able to use browser that is compatible with current LMS.
  • Be able to use search engines to locate relevant Internet activities and sources for your students.
  • Be able to use email to respond to your students’ questions and maintain records of your email correspondence.
  • Be able to locate, use, and refer students to online support and resources.
  • Be able to submit grades electronically using required online grade entry system.

Maintain contact with students, provide support, and make appropriate assignments

  • Make regular contact with students via phone, email, course announcements and assignments while seeking out struggling students and helping them identify options.
  • Be available via electronic means for assistance, for responding to questions, or otherwise assisting the students enrolled.
  • Whenever possible, develop assignments that make the course a substantively interactive experience with other students rather than between one teacher and one student.
  • Follow any mandatory reporting laws as directed.

Respond to assignments and concerns

  • Respond to student messages and communications in a timely manner. (Best practice indicates within 48 hours, though 24 hours or less is recommended.)

Full Time Instructors:

General Responsibilities: Under administrative leadership, it is the responsibility of the full-time instructor to conduct assigned classes and participate in the planning, implementation, evaluation of educational programs, courses and other experiences that will directly result in the educational growth of the students and support advancement of the values represented by the Vision Statement and Mission Statement of the College.

Additional expectations:

  • Participate in program review process to develop and review current curriculum and develop new curriculum based on program review.
  • Provide administration with assistance in the evaluation of student appeals and grievances.
  • Attend and participate in commencement ceremonies.
  • Participate in annual advisory committee meetings.
  • Participate as a peer-evaluator of part-time instructors as requested.
  • Consult with administration on personnel needs, assist with preparation of position descriptions, and serve on screening/hiring committees as needed.
  • Participate in articulation activities.
  • Attendance at college functions is encouraged to support students, faculty, and the institution.
  • Serve as sponsor and advisor for student clubs and organizations as appropriate.

If contracted to do so, be an effective and helpful advisor:

  • Be available to assist advisees during course planning and orientation periods or arrange for another instructor member to substitute for you when other college meetings or approved instructor leave may interfere.
  • Help students assume responsibility for making informed academic decisions (e.g., degree requirements, transfer options, financial aid, etc.).
  • Be informed about the transfer requirements of programs of the students you advise.
  • Provide accurate records concerning each advisee’s progress toward meeting his or her educational goal.
  • Be able to explain to students how to make contact with college resources such as tutoring, financial aid, and counseling.

Physical Requirements:

Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time; ability to lift up to 20 pounds; ability to bend, stoop, reach and grasp as required to perform responsibilities; and ability to work on the computer for long periods of time.

Work Environment:

Work performed in an office and classroom environment.

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